What determines it’s an asset or a liability?

Source: Rich dad's prophecy - ROBERT T. KIYOSAKI Rich dad said, "Which direction the cash is flowing determines if something is an asset or a liability. Assets cash flow money into the income column. Liabilities cash flow money into and out of the expense column." The main point is that it is the relationship of … Continue reading What determines it’s an asset or a liability?

How to say no to your boss

Source: The leader phrase book - PATRICK ALAIN Diplomatic (highest) Okay, but which of these tasks do you want me to finish first? What about the other three tasks you've given me? I wish I could help with this but I am tapped out at the moment. Is there someone else you could call on? … Continue reading How to say no to your boss

How you may also become rich

Source: The richest man in babylon - GEORGE S. CLASON I will tell you these things you wish to know because I am becoming an old man, and an old tongue loves to wag. And when youth comes to age for advice he receives the wisdom of years. But too often does youth think that … Continue reading How you may also become rich

What’s your net worth?

Source: The one-page financial plan - CARL RICHARDS - HOW TO CREATE A PERSONAL BALANCE SHEET -  Once we get past all the drama and emotional resistance, creating a balance sheet is actually quite simple. All you're going to do is list what you own (assets) and what you owe (liabilities). You don't need a … Continue reading What’s your net worth?

How to memorize a shopping list?

Source: How to develop a brilliant memory week by week - DOMINIC O'BRIEN - THE LINK METHOD -  The link method is a simple and effective method for memorizing any sequence of data, whether a shopping list, or a set of names, concepts, objects, directions, and so on. All that's required is an unleashing of … Continue reading How to memorize a shopping list?

What “pay yourself first” really means

Source: Start late, finish rich - DAVID BACH When people tell me they know all about pay yourself first, I generally ask them 4 questions. Based on their answers, I can immediately tell if they have a realistic plan to become rich. Most people don't. These are the questions: Do you know how much you … Continue reading What “pay yourself first” really means