The book you don’t read won’t help. – JIM ROHN

  1. How to read a book
  2. Why personal finance doesn’t have to be complicated
  3. Failure is part of life
  4. How important is action?
  5. How to prioritise your workload and manage your time more effectively
  6. Why new year’s resolution don’t work
  7. What determines it’s an asset or a liability?
  8. Your words can turn on / off your brain
  9. How to say no to your boss
  10. How you may also become rich
  11. What’s your net worth?
  12. How to memorize a shopping list?
  13. What “pay yourself first” really means
  14. Winter is coming: Where should I put my money?
  15. Does school prepare children for the real world?
  16. You have all the resources you need to succeed
  17. Men! read these facts before you lie to women
  18. Less is more
  19. The success formula appears to be simple … it appears to be basic
  20. How our brains fool us regularly?
  21. Key to financial freedom: Spend less than you make
  22. Why is it that I can attract so many things I want but not the million dollars?
  23. How to get extraordinary results?
  24. How to leave scarcity behind and move toward a world of abundance?
  25. Ask and you shall receive
  26. Don’t buy another stock until you read these facts