How important is action?

Source: How life works – ANDREW MATTHEWS

You may ask, “What is more important? Thoughts and feelings? Or action?”

Look at it this way. When you build a house, you create a solid foundation that no one sees, and on that solid foundation you erect what everyone sees – the house.

The same principle works for whatever you want to do. If you want to find a wife, write a best-seller, start a company. have surgery or cycle safely through Europe, you need a solid foundation.

You create that solid foundation in your imagination with positive feelings of your goal happily achieved. On that invisible foundation you build what the world sees.

Many people forget the foundations. They are all action and effort. They race around trying to make something happen on no foundation, and the walls keep falling in.

Example: You need to make a difficult phone call. Your foundation is the feeling of the goal achieved, the feeling that you made that call and you were confident and relaxed. You create it in your mind first. the creation is fun. The phone call becomes a breeze.

The imagining is a joy; the doing becomes a joy. That is how life is meant to work.

As Buddha might have said, “You job is not in the world. Your job is in you.”

Whether you are looking for work or a life partner, whether you want to lose 10 kilograms or learn to like yourself, you first begin to change how you feel. Then you take action. You feel better. You take more action. This is how you get from impossible to possible to probable to achieved.

In a nutshell – There are two parts to the equation: feel good + take action.

Matthews - How life works - How important is action

How life works

We make a living by what we get (donation)

When you give (money), you are abundance =)


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