How to memorize a shopping list?

Source: How to develop a brilliant memory week by week – DOMINIC O’BRIEN


The link method is a simple and effective method for memorizing any sequence of data, whether a shopping list, or a set of names, concepts, objects, directions, and so on. All that’s required is an unleashing of creative imagination.

How could you remember the four objects, hand, butter, magnet and atlas, in sequence using the link method? Imagine putting your hand into some butter. From inside the butter you pull out a sticky magnet. The magnet pulls itself and you toward a book, which happens to be an atlas. Now the four objects are memorable because you have forged a set of links between them all.

Now, it’s your turn: Using your powers of creativity and association, memorize the following list of 5 words using the link method:

Paper, Window, Snail, Car, Guitar

My version: I throw a piece of rolled-up paper at a window. The window opens to reveal a snail. The snail is driving a car. In the back seat of the car is a guitar. This method mixes reality with a little fantasy. It doesn’t matter how my mind decided on these ideas. The important point is that they were my first thoughts and they have ensured I will remember those 5 objects in the correct order.

How to develop a brilliant memory week by week

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