The success formula appears to be simple … it appears to be basic

Source: The science of success – NAPOLEON HILL


Hill’s philosophy remains a living, growing concept of men and the factors that govern their lives. Over the years it has expanded. In addition to the 10 basic principles he obtained from Carnegie, men like Ford, Edison, and almost 500 other leaders who collaborated in his search for the ingredients of individual success contributed 7 additional points. They are:

  1. The golden rule applied – Sowing the seeds one is willing to harvest.
  2. Cosmic habit force – The controlling law of nature through which all habits are formed, described abstractly in Emerson’s law of compensation.
  3. Concentration – Sticking to a task until it has been completed or discarded for sufficient cause.
  4. Pleasing personality – A trait that can be developed and constantly improved.
  5. Self control – Mastery over thoughts, speech, and deeds.
  6. Habit of health – Temperance in eating, exercising, thinking, and drinking.
  7. Habits of saving – Budgeting time, income, and expenditures.

The formula appears to be simple … it appears to be basic. Yet, it represents the distilled effort of a lifetime. Relatively few men in the history of the world have been able to apply all of the principles at all times. Hill, the man who has already taught millions how to succeed, hopes to teach still more how they can master these essentials of success. If he does, he is certain that the power this knowledge will give men … this key to individual success … can be an effective antidote for the kind of frustration and discontent that produces wars … that converts failures to communism.

“If you have the power to advance … if you are certain that you can have a better future, you’ll never surrender your birthright of freedom,” he exclaims.

The science of success

We make a living by what we get (donation)

When you give (money), you are abundance =)


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