How our brains fool us regularly?

Source: Money master the game – TONY ROBBINS


Human beings evolved to depend on our sight, and a huge part of our brain is dedicated to vision. But how often do our eyes deceive us? Have a look at the two tables below.

Table illusion

If I asked you which table is longer, the narrow one on the left or the fat one on the right, most people would naturally pick the one on the left. And if you were one of them, you’d be wrong. The lengths of both tables are exactly the same (go on, measure them if you don’t believe me). Okay, let’s try it again.

Table illusion

Which table is longer this time? Wouldn’t you bet anything that the one on the left is still longer? You know the answer, and yet your brain continues to deceive you. The one on the left still looks longer. Your eyes haven’t caught up with your brain.

Tony Robbins

“Our intuition is fooling us in a repeatable, predictable, consistent way,” Dan Ariely said at a memorable TED Talk. “And there is almost nothing we can do about it.”

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